Emergency lighting

If your building power supply fails during an emergency, the safety of every person in the premises could be compromised. Without adequate lighting, people might injure themselves attempting to leave the building, or find themselves trapped in a dark and dangerous environment. 

The solution to this problem is to invest in emergency lighting. By detecting when a building’s power supply has failed, a correctly installed emergency lighting system will spring into action, providing a reliable light-source that guides everyone to safety.

We work with our sister company, Select Electrics, to supply buildings of all shapes and sizes with appropriate emergency lighting systems. A professional team will visit your premises, conduct a full review of the area and offer a bespoke solution that meets your safety requirements.

Make your building hazard-proof by taking advantage of our affordable emergency lighting installation, maintenance and repair services.


As well as installing your system, we can offer personal advice and support, helping you to make the right investment.


Ensure that your safety measures are working as they should with regular maintenance and servicing for your system.


If something goes wrong, our repair team will make sure that your system is up and running again as soon as possible.