Access control

In some situations, an old fashioned lock and key isn’t enough. If you want total control over who’s allowed in and out of your premises, an access control system could be the ideal solution.

There are several different types of access control to consider. Perhaps you want to keep it simple by limiting initial access to your premises, or maybe you need a more complex multi-level access control system that provides thorough vetting of every person who enters your premises.

Select Security Solutions can offer a wide range of access control equipment. From simple push-button mechanical locks to electronic digital keypads and card readers, we offer solutions to suit every application and budget.

Prevent unauthorised visitors at your business or home by taking advantage of our affordable access control installation, maintenance and repair services.


As well as installing your system, we can offer personal advice and support, helping you to make the right investment.


Ensure that your security measures are working as they should with regular maintenance and servicing for your system.


If something goes wrong, our repair team will make sure that your system is up and running again as soon as possible.